The Goddess Isis Coven
The Goddess Isis Coven
Rorree Tillman

Welcome to The Goddess Isis Coven

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Dedicated to You

The Goddess Isis Coven (formerly known as Roses Lavender & Sage) is a Mission founded by Rorree Tillman, Visionary, in 2016.  The spiritual works leading to Rorree becoming a medical intuitive, spiritual healer, and intuitive coach began in 2000. 

Since 2000, Rorree has been dedicated to empowering through meditation, self healing, personal development and entrepreneurship.  As an intuitive coach and healer, she has helped thousands of people internationally to reach their goals.

At The Goddess Isis Coven (RLS), we are dedicated to working with women to help them to tap into their innate God given abilities; to assist them in loving themselves; to help women become attraction magnets for what is theirs by Divine right.  We will also teach spiritual history that will elevate your consciousness.

Why Join Us

We are a Community of Women dedicated to spiritual, personal, and business development. If you are ready to raise your vibration and elevate your life, we are here to assist.  If you feel stuck and unable to breakthrough the barriers, here you will find your recipe for a lifetime of success.

Here at The Goddess Isis Coven we will meet at least monthly for live sessions.  In addition, you will receive daily inspirational and educational content that you can utilize to discover and define your purpose in this lifetime. 

Our Members will have sneak peaks at existing and new courses being created.  You will also have Member Rates for Recorded Content, Digital Downloads, Retreats Events & Services, Live Workshops, and Special Engagements.

Some of our existing courses are:  The Recipe For Prosperity 5 Week Course; The Prosperity Formula Series; The Blueprint For Manifesting On Purpose; 

Some of our Live Workshops are: Meditation I, Meditation II, Healing I, Healing II, Discovering Your Souls Purpose, and More.

Our Upcoming Courses are: I Choose Me and Shadow Work

You will be notified when the upcoming events are taking place.  

Much Gratitude

Your participation and support is greatly appreciated.  When we all set our frequencies at a level for manifestation and creation, together there will be nothing we can't accomplish for humanity.